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SCS  AUTOMATİC  SHUTTER  AND  DOOR  SYSTEMS 2005 in sectors includingmanufacturing and aimed products in high standard  with mounting quality Professional establishedby a team of ANKARA have developed  beganoperations with the given by provincial representatives outside ANKARA firstproduct and service quality focuses of the work has succeeded to be among theleading companies in the sector  bygiving direction to the production and sale of next assembly to prepare  its place in the market and continues its efforts  to impose itself onthe market..

 2.000 m2closed  area Daily  is capacıty 250 blinds  powerful our stock we carry every day forward  our fast and qualitative development of theindustry other our sales companies to wholesale supplies speed gained blindsand shutters group  as well  as any piece shutters  blinds and plısseflapper  our system SCSTOR brand  with PROGATE to our automatic door system ithas  been sold in wholasele and retail  withthe  brand  SCSREEN sun control  systems with the brand .

Our system is not working to produce  andsell all kinds of technical  services andthe service is never our  understanding,we know  that  we stand behind  our  products not  only  in this sector, all  sectorsexperienced  the  greatest diffıculties  in after  sales service.  İf you can perfect  this service, you will  not need to make  an effort and nothing  else, wecontinue  our way  through this approach t.

We believe  that  as a company, the choice  pf production right down  to the smallest  screw part of the system at each step of the profile  is to guarentee the  quality of the entire system. İn this sense the slightest  piece  of participating in the scheme  is a measure of maximum  comfort  and safety of  high quality production. Andwe know that the quality of a product is the mirror of the  quality  of the entire company.  Ourunderstanding  emerges this  way. Quality materials  will bring us success  in understandingand  responsibility with outstandingservice

ı say again, we do not see any reason for us to succeed, and we know thisbusiness


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scs our brands
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scs our brands
scs our brands
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  • Address: İvedik OSB 1332. Sokak No: 82 İvedik - ANKARA
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