Automated Sliding Doors

Sliding doors opens out automatically. Produced  for usein exterior  and  interior, with  a wealth of  different applications  and details , are multidimensional  system that offers  specifıcsolitions.

At the entrance of building a system that requires no input  and output  is required to lift  the intensity .  this system is a revolving door system.

Hermeticallysealed  doors with full mediacontrol  weather conditions hospitals,clinics, operating  theaters,  pharmaceutical companies . are  system designed to.

Doors hermetically sealed environmend  under the   full control of the  weather  conditions hospitals and   rehabilitationcilinic  health  and beauty centers. Surgeries. Pkarmaceutical  and chemical companies.  These are  systems designed  for recording  studios .

Photocell Door   

Photocell Door

Sliding doors opens out automatically. Produced for use in exterior and interior, with a wealth of different applications and details , are multi dimensional system that offers specifıcsolitions

Circular  Door Systems   

Circular Door Systems

To animate the door leaf, put the upper part of the operator arming and transitions are automatically scaled to direct radar systems.

Revolving  Door   

Revolving Door

At the entrance of building a system that requires no input and output is required to lift the intensity . this system is a revolving door system

Hermetic Doors   

Hermetic Doors

Hermetically sealed doors with full media control weather conditions hospitals, clinics, operating theaters, pharmaceutical companies . are system designed to.

Hermetic Sliding Doors   

Hermetic Sliding Doors

Sliding gate motors detached houses in the garden entrance, the main entrance of businesses. Apartment building s and sites are the preferred machanism of the parking entrance.

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