By professionally designing the demands of our customers, we offer the right solution for your living spaces, with quality workmanship and affordable cost. We do our jobs without distinguishing between big and small, and we work to create happy customers. SCS is always with you! Customer Satisfaction Is The Priority! The Solution Is Focused! Provides quality products and services! Offers The Best Prices!

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Progate - Automatic Shutters And Automatic Shutters

Corporate Progate - Automatic Shutters And Automatic Shutters

Founded in 2005 in Ankara, SCS provides services in modern production facilities of 2,000 m2. With its qualified personnel, it develops solutions for all phases of business processes such as installation, installation, product and service supply of automatic door and shutter systems. Thanks to its rapid development in the sector, SCS established its 3,000 m2 factory in Karaman in 2014 and continues to carry on its activities with full speed. With more than 25 years of work experience, work ethi...... Read More

Automatic Shuttering Systems

Automatic shuttering systems are the spiral system used in business centers, store entrances, factories, building entrances. Automatic shuttering systems are the first of the security measures. Aluminum shutters are manufactured from polyurethane fil......

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Aluminum Shuttering Systems

Provides architectural and aesthetic solutions to security measures. Aluminum shutters, which meet t......

Steel Shuttering Systems

Steel Shuttering Systems Polyurethane filled steel shutters systems are ideal solutions equipped wi......