Hermetic Gates

Hermetic Gates

Be safe with hermetic gate systems.

Fully-sealed hermetic doors; air conditions controlled environments (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, handicapped centers, dental clinics, pharmacies, saunas, spa-salons, health-beauty centres, surgeries, medication with chemical companies and are designed for use in recording studios.



Hinged hermetic doors are fully sealed. Suitable for use in environments based on weather protection.

Universal standards and norms

MDF-Lam, compact laminate, compact laminate) and stainless steel with three different surface coating, including preferred structural elements and hermetic door model, the technical specifications of the Ministry of Health and Toki are 100% in compliance with universal standards and norms that meets the test reports and certificates (TUV Nord - DIN 18650-1/2 - Air permeability en 12207, Class 2 -sound-insulated 32 dB) is a professional product.


The hermetic door mechanism and wing design are highly ergonomic, shaped with smooth surfaces that do not hold dust as they should in fully sterile environments.