Revolving Door Systems

Revolving Door Systems

With its high performance, superior safety and comfort, it is the number one choice for places where entry and exit are busy. Automatic revolving door systems without any need for power provide insulation and energy saving. Revolving door systems offer smooth transition and high durability thanks to its superior feature Progate engine.

Revolving door systems designed in terms of ergonomic use and aesthetic appearance add a modern air to the space used.


Ease Of Use

Revolving doors, which are started to be used after the necessary adjustments are made in the places where continuous entry - exit occurs, work without the need for manpower thanks to the existing sensor. The revolving door begins to turn after the motion it perceives and during this turn, the entrance is provided from one side and the exit is provided from the other side.

Architectural Elegance

Revolving door systems give privileges to the places where they are used. While the exterior of the structure has a pleasant appearance, it adds value to this structure thanks to its easy use.

Long Working Life

Progate revolving doors are products that are used without problems thanks to the Progate motor which can operate continuously for a long time. All of our products are manufactured with the principle of continuous operation.