Photocell Doors

Photocell Doors

Photocell doors used indoors or outdoors offer permanent solutions suitable for all kinds of demands. This system, which professionally complements the functional integrity of architectural structures, allows unlimited freedom. The photocell doors, which provide easy passage, hygiene and energy saving, operate quietly and show superior safety against obstacles. Designed for intensive use, photocell doors, sash and mechanism type are changed according to the desired clear opening.

It is always in the foreground with its robustness to withstand all kinds of difficulties within the framework of quality standards. It has test reports and certificates that are 100% compliant with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Health and Toki.

Our Rogate doors have 1,000,000 opening certificates in accordance with TS en 16005 standards.


Ease Of Use

The photocell doors, which are started to be used after the necessary adjustments are made in the places where continuous entry - exit is taking place, work without the need for manpower thanks to the existing sensor. The photocell door is opened after the motion it perceives; it is closed after the movement is completed.

Energy Saving

The most important feature of photocell doors is to produce economical solutions with the energy savings it provides. It fulfils the principle of working hard with little energy thanks to its low power consumption.

Heat saving and quiet operation

Photocell doors work after the detected movement and the door closes automatically at the end of the movement. In this way, the indoor hot air or cool air is isolated against the outdoor weather conditions. Also the photocell doors work very quietly. Noise rates are very low.